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Zen Of Drumming

For everyone, music evokes different experiences. It is a mirror into
our lives - an expression and integral part of who we are. For some,
it is a distraction. For others, it is a hobby.

To some, music
is a true passion. It is a way of life, and it takes on greater meaning than we
had ever dreamed it would. Perhaps it is a summer on tour with a corps -
intense memories which follow you for the rest of your life.
Or maybe it is the feeling
you get when suddenly, the music and the rythym starts to just flow through you - when you realize that, you
are the true instrument, tapping into a higher wisdom.

Even on a less extreme level, the fact that we are percussionists says
a great deal about us. We are unique from the outside world, and often
strikingly similar to each other. We often share the same problems, and
the same qualities. We are stubborn, vocal, and usually pretty vulgar.
But above all, we share a lust for life. That passion is what often keeps
us so close.